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The SMARTSAFE ORB Bilge Overboard Security System was developed to prevent the vessel from illegal discharge “Magic Pipes” and minimise discrepancies in the oil record book.

In its simplest form the Smartsafe ORB will utilise the ships GPS and records each ‘event’ of the bilge water discharge process. The control module will store these events for a period of three years exceeding MEPC requirements.

It is a complete interlocked system ensuring security of your discharges. This includes tamper proof electronic flow meters and secondary diverter valve with position feedback installed after the standard IMO diverter valve. The secondary diverter valve is controlled solely by the Smartsafe ORB and will immediately be closed should a malfunction or malicious act be detected.

Rivertrace’s SMARTSAFE ORB can provide electronic recording of the discharges. When connected to the ship’s LAN system the monitor will send automated emails at set intervals. The data is then interpreted and recorded in the Rivertrace Connected database and shown on the user-friendly dashboard interface. All data including the email report can be accessed through the dashboard providing the user with a full auditable trail of the discharges. The discharge data can also be used as an automated entry into your electronic ORB.


  • Bilge Water Discharge Security
  • Integration with Electronic Oil Record Books
  • Protection Against Magic Pipe
  • Provides early indication of faults


  • Rivertrace Connected Ready
  • Camera integrated in seperator interface to capture tampering
  • Smaller module
  • Simpler installation
  • Improved Security


  • GPS + Interface Unit
  • Printer
  • Rivertrace Connected Dashboard


Supply voltage: 100 – 240V ac
Supply variation: ±10% of Nom. Voltage
Supply frequency: 50/60 Hz
Consumption: 30 VA Max
Control display: 10” Touch Screen
Approval: ABS Type Approval/Product

Specifications and system descriptions accurate at time of printing. These are subject to change.

This system may be installed in line with any new and existing IMO MEPC 60(33) and 107(49) approved monitors.

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