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The monitor measures particulates in the sample stream on a continuous basis by passing the process fluid through a proprietary photo optical measuring cell developed by Rivertrace.

Using a combination of optical recognition algorithms and light intensity it is possible to differentiate between Oil particles, Gas/Air Bubbles and Solid particulates in the range 1-500 microns. Flow and particulate characteristics can be visualised live via the 7” display.

Oil concentration, pressure, temperature and oil alarm status are displayed on an HD touchscreen. Oil concentrations, alarms and fault log are stored within the system to comply with the reporting requirements of IMO resolution MEPC.107(49) and can be downloaded onto a pc via LAN or USB for further analysis.

The SMART PFM 107 offers a choice of auto cleaning methods to ensure the accuracy is maintained at all times. The cleaning is fully automatic and operates whenever it senses contamination of the optical windows.


  • Drill Rig Slop Tanks
  • Oily Water Separator Discharge
  • Regulatory Compliance
  • Produced Water Discharge


  • Oil type independent
  • Solid discrimination to MEPC.107(49)
  • Embedded windows
  • 7″ full colour touch screen.
  • Camera display to view contaminants within the sample.


Oil concentration range 0 – 40 ppm for MEPC 107(49)
Oil concentration accuracy+/- 1 ppm
Oil alarm 1 operating point 15 ppm standard – (1-15 ppm adjustable)
Oil alarm 2 operating point 15ppm Standard – (1-40 ppm adjustable)
Oil alarm 1 operating delay1 – 2 seconds
Oil alarm 2 operating delay5 – 70 seconds
Alarm contact rating 5 Amps at 230 VAC
Alarm relay mode De-energised in alarm state
Output signal 4-20 mA
Network communication Ethernet (RJ45)
Wi-Fi optional with additional hardware
IMO Data transfer USB 2 Memory stick
Ambient temperature 0°C to 55°C (32°F to 131°F)
Sample temperature 1 to 70°C (33.8°F to 158°F)
Sample flowrate 0.5 to 2 l/min
Sample pressure 0.5 – 6 bars (14.5 to 87 psi)
Clean water requirements Required
Auto Clean Pressure Compressed air at 4 – 6 bar
Weight 29.5 kg (65 lbs)
Standard Dimensions [mm] Height: 528mm (20.8”), Width: 600mm (23.6”), Depth: 280mm (11”)
Supply voltage 100-240 VAC
Supply variation +/- 10% of nominal voltage
Supply frequency 50 – 60 Hz
Power consumption 50 VA normal, 100 VA peak

Degree of ingress protection
Approvals MEPC.107 (49), MED, UL
Display 7″ capacitive touchscreen

Specifications and system descriptions accurate at time of printing. These are subject to change.

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