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“Rivertrace Engineering has been one of our most reliable, trust-worthy and robust equipment manufacturers for a couple decades now. The mentioned characteristics combined with the importance of 15ppm monitors & ODME’s on-board vessels rank them among top manufacturers of such products on a global scale.

Their track record & commitment to perform over & above in every case, in addition to their sensible approach on costs involved makes me have no doubt the company will continue to be preferred by vessel owners for many more years to come.”

George Sotirelis, CASS TECHNAVA LTD


“The main reason we have partnered with Rivertrace Ltd is because of the quality of their equipment, worldwide customer service and competitive position in the market place. Rivertrace oil content monitors have been standardised on our Separators for 22 years; as they are one of the top OCM manufactures, our customers have very few issues with Rivertrace Ltd equipment and are a great compliment to our product line.

They have all the latest approvals and are always investing in R&D to be at the forefront of the technology; such as the Rivertrace Ltd SmartSafe ORB. We and our customers are confident that we are always using the latest equipment.”

Kevin Taylor, Victor Marine Ltd

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