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Exhaust Scrubber Wash Water Monitor

Exhaust Gas Cleaning Systems (EGCS) is an approved method of reducing the sulphur emissions to under 0.5%, in line with the new sulphur cap regulations which came into force on 1st Jan 2020. For this, exhaust fumes are drenched in seawater, which absorbs the sulphur dioxide, creating  a chemical reaction to take place to turn this into sulphate, a naturally occurring salt in seawater. 

The washwater discharge is then treated and discharged only when it has gone through a monitoring system to confirm it meets the regulation standards for release. This monitors PAH for oil content and pH for acidity, as well as turbidity for solid content.

Please refer to our whitepaper for more information on this topic and application offering.



SMART ESM – Exhaust Scrubber Washwater Monitor


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White Paper - To scrub or not to scrub

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cover IMO

MEPC 68-21-Add.1-Corr.2 - Corrigendum (Secretariat)

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